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Aquala Moving Forward Toward the Past

After being at the helm of Aquala for 17 years, last February I decided it was time for a change. Not a change in a typical progressive way. No, a change in a completely regressive way. I know at first that doesn’t make sense, but given our almost 70-year history, the most logical way to move forward…

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Aquala and DOXA

If you’ve had a chance to view the location photos of our suits, you might notice a common element amongst all the shots. Yes, our suits share common signature features, like the “Water green” color and the round reinforcing patches, but there’s something else. That something, while standard equipment in its day, is almost non-existent…

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A Good Salty Sea

Here at Aquala, we make things. We take nothing, like sheet rubber and a few molded components, and turn it into something, like a fully functional diving suit capable of diving as deep as humanly possible. If we don’t make it, we seek out other Americans who do. It’s what we are, we’re a network…

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