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20000 Leagues Under the Sea Adventure Part 2

It had been eight years since Pat Regan and I first discussed this project. There were many emails and messages sent back and forth; but like many things, slow and steady won the race. We had done what others had dreamt of but no-one else had ever accomplished. We brought Harper Goff and Fred Zendar’s…

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One Reason I Dive

Over the years, I’ve been asked many times, “Why do you dive?” The answer is normally, “How much time do you have?” The answer is never simple. Sometimes I dive for adventure, sometimes it’s for time spent with my boys. Sometimes it’s for simply getting away, and sometimes it’s for putting food on the table.…

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Honoring Vancouver PD Marien Unit

A few days ago, I received a notice that Facebook had created a video that I might like to see. They do this on occasion by pulling together random photos that one posts, to make an interesting presentation. This video’s theme was community. You might have received one as well. Social media can be aggravating…

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